Sell your car easily with Balaji Services

Balaji Services offers the most accessible pre-owned car selling experience in your city. Once you decide to sell our car online with Balaji Services, you will get a free valuation of your car and a free evaluation will be scheduled at a place of your convenience. You will receive an instant offer for your car and get paid the same day.

Why Sell Car to Balaji Services?

a. Balaji Services offers the best price for your car

Balaji Services provides the best price when you want to sell your car with a market-based pricing algorithm as well as a detailed evaluation of your car. The online price quote you receive from Balaji Services is based on the current market rate for your car and represents the approximate value of your car. We then evaluate your car’s condition on 200-points to determine the true value of your car, which is often very close to the online price quote. The price Balaji Services offers for your car is usually higher than market rates and combines well with the additional benefits Balaji Services offers when you sell your car.

b. Hassle-free used car selling experience

Selling your used car has become a hassle-free experience with Sell Right by Balaji Services. Our completely online car selling process ensures that you don’t have to leave your house to sell your car for the best price. The car evaluation is conducted at a location of your convenience and completely free of charge. All paperwork and RC transfer are handled by our teams while final procurement is also done directly from your home. The payment for your car is processed even before you hand over your car to us.

c. All transfers handled by us

The paperwork and RC transfer of your car are handled by our teams when you sell your car with Sell Right by Balaji Services. All documentation for your car is handled at the time of sale and the RC transfer of your car is completed to the new buyer according to RTO guidelines.

d. 3 days offer validity

After your car’s evaluation is completed, we offer you the best price for your car. We also understand that you would like to evaluate all your options when selling your car. For this, Balaji Services offers a 3-day offer validity, giving you the flexibility to consider other options. Once you decide to sell your car to Balaji Services, simply reach out to our team and we will begin the process to sell your car for the best price.